Monday, December 1, 2008

Ticket Solutions – A Resource for Hard to Find Tickets

I hate trying to find tickets to sold-out events or at the last minute. I find myself carrying out Internet searches and looking up vendors in the phone book. Then, I never know if I can trust the person or if I am getting totally ripped off. Often, I come out empty-handed, which always sucks.

I recently discovered Ticket Solutions, a UK based website for hard to get and sold-out tickets to concerts, football (the soccer type), arts, and theatre. The downside is they only sell tickets to UK events. But, in the name of helping my fellow British friends, I present this review.
My first impression of Ticket Solutions is that I can trust the company. Their site loads quickly and is appealing. It doesn’t have the feel of some scalper running a website out of his mom’s basement. Ticket Solutions offers a number of good features, beginning by presenting a quick list of major events by categories on their homepage. They also provide a quick search feature to help you find your tickets more efficiently. Another great feature is the “Last Minute Offers.” This section, displayed on the homepage, provides tickets for events at the last minute, which is good for those times I bore myself into action. A brief description of each event is also included, which really adds flavor to the site and the excitement of the event. For sporting events, a description of rivalries and each team’s history are often included.

If you are finding that hottest events in the UK are sold out, Ticket Solutions could be your saving grace. Although there is no guarantee they will have tickets for you, it’s another avenue to try. They clearly show the quantity of tickets they have available for each event and the price for each. You are going to have to pay more than face-value, but that is expected for sold-out events.

Ticket Solutions would benefit from updating their copyright to 2008, as well as eliminating events that have expired. I was able to find tickets to events several days after they had taken place. It is not a big deal, but would go a long way in building their site status. Ticket Solutions is in the process of creating their FAQ page, a frequently visited link for regular users. However, a phone number and email address is provided and easily locatable on every page, allowing me to contact them directly and check them out. Sometimes I just need a human with pricier transactions. Ticket Solutions accepts all major credit cards and is a member of the Association of Secondary Ticket Agents (ASTA), which although I don’t know anything about it, makes me feel better.

So, if you are finding tickets to the big event in the UK elusive and you don’t mind paying a bit extra, give Ticket Solutions a try and let me know about your experience. I hope they are able to eliminate the need for shady Internet searches and phone book perusing in order to have a good time out in town.

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