Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coin Role Hunting – A Resource for Your Coin Rolls Collection

One of the cool things about my grandfather is that he kept a lot of junk from…a long time ago. Yes, he also keeps pancakes frozen in the freezer for indefinite periods of time, but that’s just disgusting. The cool part is the collection of coins and coin rolls ,including silver dollars. I also have a collection of pennies, nickels, and dimes that my mom and I started when I was just beginning to show my keen intellect. I imagine many families own such collections since coin collecting is such a cheap hobby. Of course, what everyone wants to know about such coin collections is…how much are they worth?

Well, welcome to Coin Roll Hunting! Coin Roll Hunting is a website dedicated to coin collecting as a cheap hobby. Although there are several ways to coin collect, Coin Roll Hunting promotes purchasing coin rolls from the bank, and then scouring them for gems.

At first glance, I found myself asking…what the heck is coin roll hunting? The website would benefit from prominently displaying this piece of information, given that most users do not stick around too long to find out that it has the answer on the homepage. Problem is, the homepage is a little busy, and important information doesn’t stand out. Their tag line of “Building Collections out of Spare Change,” would serve them well as a top banner. However, once I took some extra time to figure out what the site was all about, I have to say, there is a lot of good information if you are into, or want to start, a coin roll hobby. There is information for beginners to advanced, as well as forums, links, and collecting tips.

The site has been working on a redesign, so I expect good design improvements. Mainly, the site needs to add color. Currently, the idea of Coin Roll Hunting sounds boring and the website doesn’t do anything to dispel that thinking.

Nonetheless, information is easily navigable on the sidebar, organized by categories. But what the average user still wants to know is how much their pennies are worth? I have had a hard time easily finding that information. However, I did find some estimated values given if you sold on EBay. I think the real potential for Coin Roll Hunting enthusiasts, or soon to be enthusiasts, are the forums and links. As more and more Coin Roll Hunters discover this resource and how great of a cheap hobby coin roll hunting is, the more and more information on the hobby will be shared.

Coin Roll Hunting is more about the joy of coin collection by searching through coin rolls, not about how to get rich. If you are looking for a cheap hobby, Coin Roll Hunting is a good choice. But, I don’t think I would actually sell my coin collection. I have always enjoyed knowing I have it. Keep those coin rolls coming!

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