Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mr President Elect, Don't Throw Money at the Problem

Government created our economic crisis. Why on Earth are we looking to government to solve it? Obama’s latest plan to rebuild the infrastructure boggles my mind. How do giving millions of Americans construction jobs solve our problems? What happens in a year when the roads are built? Either the government invents new jobs for them, or those workers lose their jobs again. How does upgrading schools with fresh paint equate to better educated students? How does providing Internet in hospitals do anything to spur the economy? Besides, do the illegal immigrants even know how to access the Internet? And for the love of all things sacred, how do putting energy efficient light bulbs in government buildings accomplish anything other than to create a mercury hazard? Mr. President Elect, this is throwing money at the problem, no matter how eloquently you try to paint it.

Let the people of this great nation solve the crisis. Let hard working and innovative Americans create solutions. Lower taxes and get out of the way Washington. You made this mess and by trying to fix it, you will not do anything more than poor lemon juice into an open wound.

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