Monday, December 22, 2008

Franken Dangerously Close to Stealing Minnesota Election

If you have been paying attention, you know this, if not, you may be surprised to learn that Minnesota senatorial candidate Al Franken will soon overcome Norm Coleman’s lead from the November 4, 2008 election and become a real senator. Yes, Mr. Spaghetti Head does appear as if he will be successful in buying an election. Through millions raised form left-wing groups and Hollywood, Mr. Spaghetti Head will actually steal an election.

For those of you who continue to point to the 2000 election as a stolen election, a brief lesson in history. Yes I know, history is boring and not nearly as cool as you, but I proceed nonetheless. There was absolutely no recount scenario where Al Gore comes away with the Presidency. Not even when you count hanging chads or in a God like action, decide what voter intent should have been. In a study undertaken by major media organizations such at the New York Slimes (I mean Times), Washington Democrat (I mean Post), Wall Street Journal, etc., Bush wins under all scenarios laid out by the Florida Supreme Court after they changed legislated election law to fit their ideology and if the US Supreme Court has not ruled against Gore. For reference, please visit the USA Today Article from 5/15/2001.

Now, getting back to Minnesota and Mr. Spaghetti Head. I implore you to look at the type of decisions being made over ballots in this article on Fox News. But more over, use your common sense in the future. Despite that Franken will likely steal this election; he could not have done it without the voters. This man is as deviant as they come. I am ashamed of all those in Minnesota who voted for this man, legitimately. What is wrong with you people?

A wise man I know and respect once told me several years ago that the fall of the United Stated is inevitable. This is not an easy thought to truly internalize. But, he is of course, correct. There has never been a world power in the recorded history that has not toppled. Now, I am not saying I will live to see it, but I doubt it is that far off, relatively speaking. And I believe it will be caused by the liberalization of this country. The destruction of society lead by soon to be senators like Mr. Spaghetti Head and Bill Clinton slowly eat away at our moral base. To destroy morals is to destroy decency and common sense. Once common sense is gone, anything goes. Once anything goes…everything goes.

The ignorant and uniformed in this country are easily swayed by an overwhelmingly bias press and the need to fit-in. Consequently, every decade or so, the country switches party power in Washington. It seems like the last switch to Bush was less of a swing back to the right. Bush remained strong on many issues, but economically was as liberal as the best of them. John McCain remains more of a democrat than ever a republican. However, I keep the faith and hope alive for this country. The people have always come through and I believe after more lessons in the failure of democratic ideals, another true conservative leader will emerge and bring this country back to its former glory where one stood proud to be an American, took the moral high ground, and could care less what the world around them thought. Despite my dislike for Obama and what he will bring to this country, there is truth that Bush’s economic policies of wild spending failed (Obama will just do more of this by the way). McCain’s maverickism (I made this word up) failed. But conservatism works every time it is tried and it will be tried again.


John Emerson said...

Stolen election! Stolen election! Stuart Smalley, ha ha ha! Franken wasn't funny on SNL! Franken asked for the recount because he was a sore loser! Ballots found in the trunk of a car! Somalis!!!!!!!! People voting twice with "duplicate ballots"! ACORN! Franken wants to count invalid absentee ballots! Minnesota sucks! Worse than Chicago! Communists!

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read the USA article referenced in your piece? All chad counting scenarios did not favor Bush and over votes were not included. It is in the over votes, where many voters who were confused by the butterfly ballot and wrote in Gore's name in addition to punching his line, that Al Gore had the votes that would have made him victorious. The Florida judge was going to order that the over votes be counted as well. The Supreme Court intervened and handed the presidency to Bush, a decision so outrageous that two Republican Supreme Court justices dissented.

Bryan said...

"George W. Bush would have won a hand count of Florida's disputed ballots if the standard advocated by Al Gore had been used, the first full study of the ballots reveals. Bush would have won by 1,665 votes — more than triple his official 537-vote margin — if every dimple, hanging chad and mark on the ballots had been counted as votes."

Keep digging for something to hold onto. I guess if we simply ignore all Bush votes altogether Gore would have won too.

Jason said...

"Responding to a study on last year's presidential election in Florida that showed George Bush winning even with a statewide recount, former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore said the election is over."


Move on.

John Emerson said...

A lot of the stolen election talk comes from John Lott. John Lott has been famously wrong in the past, and he's wrong about the Coleman-Franken recount. Links: