Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hamas is a Cowardly Terrorist Organization

I am not a not an expert on Palestinian or Israeli history. However, I am a reasonably intelligent person who can process information and learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Palestine is run by Hamas, an extremist terrorist organization. Why this vital piece of intelligence is not made clear in every broadcast concerning the fighting in the mainstream media concerns me. At least once a year, cowardly Hamas terrorists fire rockets (supplied by Iran) into Israel in an effort to kill as many civilians as possible. Why? Because they hate Israel and desire their complete destruction. Israel, the only democratic nation in the region, responds by inflicting massive retaliatory attacks on Hamas targets.

The mainstream media continually responds to this by, more or less, condemning Israel for fighting back. Somehow, Israel, the only democratic country in the region, defending itself against unprovoked attacks on its population is the one who need to stop the needless killing. Give me a break! Palestinian civilians die because they allow Hamas to run their land. These cowardly terrorists dress up in civilian clothes, then wage war. Israel does the best it can to minimize civilian causalities when they are forced to retaliate, but this is difficult when the enemy is not wearing uniforms or hanging out in a barracks. Therefore, you find where these cowards are massing, and send in the missiles. Civilians hanging around these people are going to be hit too. I regret that innocent lives must be lost, but that is the way it goes when you allow cowards like Hamas to make your land their habitat. Bill O’Reilly in his book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, expresses my feelings well when he says

If you have no money, no support system, no common sense, and no motivation to provide security for yourself and your family, you are going to get hammered. It’s not a matter of if-it’s a matter of when.”

O’Reilly was referring to Katrina victims, but I will extend it to apply to Palestinians who do not take action to end Hamas’ rule and then complain about the violence.

So, we go through this cycle again. Israel will catch hell from the world and the US mainstream media for fighting back. Hamas will seek a cease-fire to avoid more of their cowardly comrades being killed. Israel, wisely, will kill as many terrorists as possible before agreeing. Then, we will have six months to a year before cowardly Hamas terrorists lob missiles into Israel, repeating the cycle.

My message…wise up America and wise up Palestinians. Cowardly terrorists run Palestine. We did not put up with it and neither should Israel or Palestine. Support the annihilation of Hamas and support Israel. Once the world, particularly the US, seriously decides to end the terror of Hamas, then it will happen. Yes, this means a war in Palestine and making some people mad at you. Finally, for goodness sake, stop watching the mainstream media blame Israel. Exercise your free speech and power over the media and change the channel!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I am not willing to wait until the president of Iran rises to a position of real power in the world before I decide to support the cultural ideals I believe America and Israel hold in common. What peaceniks don't understand is the difference fantasy and reality. Bullies never back down if not confronted. You learn that in the schoolyard, unfortunately.

Bryan said...

Some never learn from past mistakes.