Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren Chosen to Lead Inaugural Invocation - The Intolerant Tolerant Police Protest

Tolerance is the ability to live in harmony with those whose religion, politics, race, nationality, etc. differ from your own. This does not mean that you have to accept these differences, just respect another’s right to them.

The liberal left in this country have anointed themselves the tolerance police (also the food police, smoking police, caring police, thought police, etc.). They are fond of passing judgment on all those who do not see eye to eye with their “progressive” agenda. The hypocrisy here is that it is the liberal left who are really the champions of intolerance. They have no respect for differences in opinion. If you believe that homosexuality is immoral, then you are labeled a homophobe. If you believe in the power of individuals to make and pursue their own happiness, then you are labeled as selfish, greedy, and uncaring. If you believe that the tradition of Christmas should not be ostracized from society, then you are labeled a religious zealot. My friends, this is intolerance by definition.

The level of hate being spewed by the liberal left at Obama’s choice to lead the invocation at his inauguration, Rick Warren, is an embarrassment to this country. Yes, Rick Warren is adamantly opposed to abortion, gay marriage, and other immoral acts that have been pushed upon society as “progressive.” But, as far as the liberal left is concerned, this disqualifies Warren from being able to call upon God to grant Barrack Obama the wisdom and guidance he will need to guide this country. Bloggers on the Huffington Post (a festering cauldron of ignorance and stupidity) comment on Warren, “…he [Rick Warren] has a psychology degree and knows how to manipulate people - but underneath he is a total megalomaniac. His church is close to being a cult” and “the hypocrite is wafting his prayer wherever with his filthy rags religion.” I wish I could say I had to hunt for these examples, but my friends, this is mainstream thinking and intolerance. All of you who hold these Christian values have been called megalomaniacs, manipulated, and followers of a filthy rag religion. Oh, and you are intolerant too.

Barrack Obama will benefit from choosing a true man of God to lead his inaugural invocation, assuming his heart was in the right place when choosing him. To select a minister who has adopted a “progressive” form of Christianity to lead the invocation would further this nation’s moral decline and bring us closer to truly reaping what we sow. Kudos to Obama for demonstrating what it means to be tolerant.

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