Friday, December 5, 2008

Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi Want a Big Three Bailout

Barrack Obama and the democratically controlled congress are posturing. They have, and have always had, every intention of passing out your money to the Big Three automaker’s CEOs in just the latest bailout. Think about this. Democrats are in control of Congress, soon to strengthen that control and add the White House. Liberal philosophy is based on big government spending. If you think that the Big Three automakers are not going to get their bailout, then you’re fooling yourself. If the message from Washington was “No!” then the CEO’s would not have come back. But that’s not what is happening. They are coming back again and again. The American public is not going to change their mind and suddenly feel the urge to bail them out, but congress doesn’t need any mind changing because they want this to happen. Democrats are playing games with the public, pretending to be guardians of taxpayer money against frivolous government spending. The reality is that they are foaming at the mouth to do it. If Nancy Pelosi was really concerned about CEOs traveling in private jets, then why don’t you get rid of your first, Madam Speaker? I am telling you now; the Automakers will get their bailout.

Mad at Obama for not getting involved? The Office of the President Elect is not concerned with showing deference to the man still holding the reigns to make this decision, as he is implying. He knows that once congress passes this bailout, Bush must either support or reject it. Either way, Obama wins. If Bush rejects a bailout for automakers, he will be drawn and quartered in the main stream media who will tout that Bush caused this mess and then is doing nothing to fix it. Obama then gets to come in and show his “change.” If Bush signs the bill, the billions of dollars becomes a burden on his deficit tally and not Obama’s. If it fails, and it will, Bush gets blamed because he agreed to the deal and Obama gets to keep talking about the failed policies of the last eight years. Obama gets what he wants in the bailout, and he keeps billions of dollars of strain off his next budget and credits it to Bush’s out of control spending. If it succeeds, and it won’t, Obama takes the credit since he will be sitting in the big chair.

Here me now. There will be a bailout for automakers. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will get on TV and talk about how they forced CEOs to sacrifice their big paychecks and make concessions. In the end, the American public will provide billions of dollars to CEOs in a plan that will only temporarily sustain them. Then, we will give them more, or they go into bankruptcy anyway. Of course democrats will argue that since they already have invested in them, letting them fail would be a waste of that money; so we should waste more.

Want a better solution? How about Louie Gohmert’s, a congressman from Texas, idea for a federal income and social security tax holiday for January and February 2009. This stimulates the people, not CEOs, by providing them with potential thousands in tax savings to spend in this faltering economy? Don’t give me that line about only the rich will benefit. Are not CEOs the hated wealthiest Americans? Yes, I know an idea from someone named Louie must be questioned, but let’s at least look at alternatives that does not involve giving tax payer money away to sustain failed business models.

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