Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Plaxico Burress and Gun Control - Part 2

So, as promised, the media’s use of Plaxico Burress to promote gun control. Or I should say the elimination of the Second Amendment. Because I am tired and don’t feel like listing every site I found, I selected the biggest one to prove my point. It is titled, Burress should've packed his brain, not a gun, by Mike Celtic (MSNBC). A quote:

“No matter how often guns get innocent people either dead or in more trouble than anyone ever wants to be in, people can always point to an incident where they can convince themselves having a gun would save a victim’s life.”

Celtic then goes on to argue that if Sean Taylor had a gun, he would still be dead. I say, maybe, maybe not! The maybe not wins the day.

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Jason said...

Cops carry guns