Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take A Healthy Step Back

Thinking about what to blog about this week proved more difficult than usual. I don’t think I have ever been hit with such insanity from the political world , all at one time. This past week, The country has had to deal with the disgraceful Roland Burris, record government spending, auto bailouts, banking bailout, and now a bailout for Americans who have been unable to meet their obligations. Now, on top of all this, Obama wants to cut the deficit in half by raising taxes on those making over $250,000 (that’s the number today). Or as Obama calls Middle America, “The Rich.” So, in these hard economic times, after passing a farce of a stimulus plan that provides no help for the companies that drive our economy, Obama proposes we raise taxes on these same people. Rather than explain the ignorance of the events and Obama’s policies in his short run in the Presidency, I have decided to take a healthy step back.

A couple weeks ago in church, the pastor ended a sermon on the elements of relationships with a clip from Glenn Beck’s show, where he discusses the story of Irena Sendler.

Before you mimic the collective gasp that was heard in an otherwise silent sanctuary, remember, Rush Limbaugh was also defeated. In fact, I imagine none of us ever heard of Irena Sendler, and that should speak to us all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roland Burris Insults Your Intelligence

In my January 6, 2009 post, I discussed how both Roland Burris and then Illinois governor Blagojevich had disgraced themselves, Illinois, and the country. I described how any man or woman who would be willing to accept an appointment to the U.S. Senate from a man such as Blagojevich to be lacking character and honor.

It really is not that difficult to gauge the character of a man. People are defined by their actions. If Roland Burris had any honor or integrity, than he would have waited for an opportunity to be appointed by Blagojevich’s successor, given his, at the time, obvious upcoming impeachment. Instead, he accepted an appointment by a disgraced and shameless governor, and in addition, played the race card.

Now, Burris, knowing that it would eventually become public knowledge, “amended” his testimony to the Illinois legislature, now claiming he had spoken to Blagojevich’s brother three times. Allegedly, Blagojevich’s brother, on behalf of his campaign, tried to solicit 10,000 to Blagojevich’s campaign fund.

Burris’ strategy is simple. He wanted to become a senator, but knew he lacked the credentials and would not even be on the short list. Heck, he wasn’t even Blagojevich’s first pick to sell Obama’s vacant senate seat. Willing to sell what ever dignity he possessed for the job, he allowed himself to be used in Blagojevich’s crusade to embarrass himself by shunning Illinois and accepting the appointment by Blagojevich. Knowing that public knowledge of Blagojevich’s attempts to sell the position to him would eventually become public, he lied in front of the Illinois legislature, planning to simply “amend” his testimony claiming every politician’s favorite defense of, “I didn’t recall at the time.”

Burris’ defense that he did not recall simply insults the intelligence of every thinking man and woman. However, I doubt there won’t even be an investigation, despite those inevitable cries from Republicans. Democrats, although promising to clean up corruption, have done nothing but bring more of it to Washington.

Now, I am very critical of accusing anyone of lying without actual evidence, even politicians. Liberals love to hate Bush, claiming he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Of course, they can cite no actual evidence of any sort to back up this claim; they simply claim it. This is particularly disgusting given democrats received the same intelligence as Bush who supported his claim that Iraq had stock piles of weapons. But liberals and their wiling accomplishes in the press are not interested, and you know what, that’s alright. You see, I believe in karma, and the American people will learn another hard lesson about democratic policies.

This brings me to my point in this post, which is a recurring one. The founders’ feared creating a new government that had too much power. Remember, the first American Patriots risked and sacrificed everything to fight free of the tyranny of King George, III. The first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, failed because the nation’s government was too weak, having almost no power over the states to enforce any taxation or dictate national policy. Understanding that a stronger national government was needed, but knowing that they must not create another king, the founders’ agreed to our current United States Constitution. This Constitution clearly places true power with the people who fought to secure their rights and freedom from an interfering government. This is the foundation of republican principles today; that the people should be free to pursue their own happiness and that government’s role is to protect these natural rights, never to interfere, even with the best of intentions. To this end, I implore my fellow American citizens to start paying real attention to what is going on. People of Illinois, Burris should enter the chamber of the senate each knowing his days are numbered. He should know the voters of Illinois will not accept his actions and will not be duped in his quest for power. I want to go on record that we are just beginning to learn of the corruption of Roland Burris. This is going to be saddening to watch as more about this man’s actions become public. Demand better.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulus to Create or Save Three Million Jobs

What the heck does Obama’s assertion that his spending bill (this is the stimulus bill to the ignorant) will create or save three million jobs mean? This is as insane as Bill Clinton arguing what the meaning of “is,” is. What a bunch of junk.

This claim can not be disproved. There is no way for anyone to ever claim that Obama’s plan failed to create or save three million jobs. If just one new job is created, then Obama can claim success. If working Americans continue to lose their jobs his plan will still be proclaimed a success. If nothing happens then his plan also succeeds. The following scenarios will help you understand what I mean.

Scenario 1: One new job is created; shoveling poop from circus horses. (I apologize to those of you who shovel horse poop at a circus, but don't you have to wonder what went wrong in your life?)
My fellow Americans, I told you that my administration would bring change you can believe in. I told you that my stimulus package would result in saving or creating jobs. I stand before you today to say we have succeeded. Because of my stimulus package, three million and one jobs were saved. (President Obama at any point in the future)

Scenario 2: The economy remains stagnate; no change.
My fellow Americans, I told you that my administration would bring change you can believe in. I told you that my stimulus package would result in saving jobs. I stand before you today to say we have succeeded. Because of my stimulus package, 3 million jobs were saved. (President Obama at any point in the future)

Scenario 3: Three Million jobs are lost, America enters a deep depression.
My fellow Americans, I told you that my administration would bring change you can believe in. I told you that my stimulus package would result in saving jobs. I stand before you today to say we have succeeded. (You see, Obama can argue three million jobs were saved because without his stimulus, six million jobs would be lost instead of only three. (President Obama at any point in the future)

You see my friends; Obama’s claim to save or create three million jobs is absurd and cannot be proven a failure. Vice President Biden gives this plan a 30% chance of failure and today President Obama admitted his plan isn’t anywhere near perfect. Well for crying out loud, if you know going into something that it is not perfect, why not fix it first. Call me crazy, but what is wrong with creating a stimulus package that, at a minimum, you (as a President) believe is perfect. Can you imagine driving over a bridge that has a big sign saying, “It’s not perfect,” I doubt you would take that bridge; the consequences of failure would be disastrous.

We are being told to spend unprecedented amounts of tax payer dollars on mainly socialist programs. If we refuse, then Obama claims we risk delving into a depression we won’t be able to recover from (Oh no! I better vote for it or America will never recover). The playing on fears and the hardships many Americans are facing is shameful. Demand better.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Capitalism Shown At Its Best In This Economy

Capitalism: An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market (

Capitalism is the basis for the pursuit of happiness laid out in our founding documents. The idea that hard work will ultimately pay off drives America’s economy. Capitalism has allowed the United States to become, in a relatively short period of history, the most powerful, wealthy, and advanced civilization the world has ever seen. Because of capitalism, the United States has also become the greatest force for good around the world, second to none.

But this economy has given pause for many to ponder the value in our capitalistic system. President Obama and his democratic conspirators have seized upon this weak economy to promote a socialist agenda, having recently passed the massive spending bill in the House; this after promising to bring government deficit spending under control. The president cites greed in corporate America as the culprit and fiscal irresponsibility on the part of government (again, how is this latest stimulus package not fiscal irresponsibility?). President’s Obama takes every chance he gets to talk down this economy, setting the expectation that he will deliver on his campaign promises to a minimum and paving the way for more social government programs, all in the name of saving the economy and playing on your fear.

There is no question that the economy has put many American families in hard times, and that needs to be addressed. However, I want to preset the argument that the troubled economy of the past year proves that capitalism always works.

Not only does capitalism pay hard work and determination, favoring those who put in the hardest effort and take the greatest risks, but it also punishes greed. Those who invest widely in the market, like casino gambling, find themselves losing to the house. Corporate greed is a textbook example. Mortgage companies, willing to dole out sub prime mortgages as politicians do kisses for babies, have found themselves losers in the capitalistic system. You see, capitalism punished America’s greed. Government, corporate, and individual greed and irresponsibility were rampant across America, and so the downfall has been equally widespread. In a system other than capitalism, the greed and irresponsibility may continue to go unchecked. But because of our great capitalistic system, we can mend our ways and come out of this recession stronger. Even more, when we emerge from this recession stronger than ever, we will be so because we will have learned that greed and irresponsibility will not lead to the American dream.

Take heed Americans, we have allowed our government to run free in trying to stop this recession. We have allowed our fears to trump common sense. The government played a major role in creating this recession and can do nothing but make it worse. The government cannot support the massive amount of spending being passed right in front of our eyes in the name of economic stimulus. This is not capitalism; don’t let it teach us another hard lesson. Let companies go under and stop bailing them out. The economy is not going to collapse and plunge America into the abyss. Keep to the principles of capitalism and let’s work our way out of this mess.