Monday, December 8, 2008

SEO - Don't Go At It Alone

So you want your website to be listed number one in all the major search engines for your keywords? Good for you, so do the thousands of other businesses you are in competition with worldwide. Google can’t display all of you in the top ten, so you are going to have to fight your way to the top. But don’t be dismayed, there is Internet marketing services providers like DiscountClick who are in business to help.

I worked as a web designer for a small business for five years while trudging through college. Clients would pay thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, for the latest in web design incorporating the newest technologies; and we delivered. Without fail, however, clients would come back and want to know why their site wasn’t listed as number one in Google. The answer of course, is that we were a web design company, not a search engineer optimization (SEO) company.

Look, there are thousands of businesses like yours vying for the same customers. Let’s say you are a home builder. Naturally, when a user searches for “home builders” in Google, you want your site to be listed in the top ten. But you have to realize so do the thousands of other builders. When you realize this, you will understand why there is a distinct market for Internet marketing services providers. A good SEO is like good location in the business world. You need a lot of traffic to your site in order to make sure you catch the eye of the potential customer out their looking into a new home. This requires professionals to do it right.

Take a look at DiscountClick. Just look at all the services available to help build your websites presence on the World Wide Web. DiscountClick offers SEO services, ad serving, list management, etc. They even offer assistance to those of you who are inclined to go about marketing your website solo.

Look, Search engine optimization is a daunting task and equally important as a well designed site. If you are serious about marketing your services on the World Wide Web, then you must recognize that there are two vital parts, the design, and the marketing. Internet marketing services providers like DiscountClick exist for a reason. Take advantage of the services offered by companies like DiscountClick and solidify your location on the World Wide Web.

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