Friday, January 23, 2009

What President Obama has Accomplished

What you, the voters, have gotten for your buck so far.

  1. Guantanamo Bay is being shut down. This can in no way help America, only hurt it. Thank you liberals. Al Qaeda proudly announced that their now number 2 man was released from Guantanamo Bay last year. Thank you liberals. The governments response. . . we really need to keep an eye on these people after they are released. The stupidity. We know exactly where this guy is; he is planning the death of Americans. How about not letting them go in the first place, dummy!

  2. American taxpayers are now funding abortions. Oh, not for Americans yet, for international abortions. Obama reversed Bush's executive order today.

  3. Terrorist can no longer be interrogated in any productive way. Thank you liberals.
Not even a full week in office and look at the harm. Get with it America.

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