Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shop Online Better, Faster, and Easier

Do you notice how owners of hybrid vehicles like the Prius seem to have a more than a little hint of elitism in their ways? Well, I have the same pompousness knowing that I didn’t visit one shopping mall, plaza, or gift shop this past Christmas season. I did all of my shopping exclusively online. Like the increased cost to own a hybrid, there is one drawback to shopping online, getting the best price. I am still surfing the Internet to see if I got the best price on my Nintendo Wii, a set of golf clubs, digital camera, and a digital picture frame. This is in addition to the time I put in looking for the best prices when I initially bought these items. Today, however, the time I spend on this task has dramatically decreased. This is thanks to ShopWiki.

What ShopWiki does for me is to search all the online stores for the products I want, listing all the prices out there. I can also get new ideas by searching through the categories. For example, for the Kodak digital camera I bought for Christmas, I can simply go to the category Electronics, and then the subcategory of Cameras. The information I get is astounding.

ShopWiki works just like search engines by crawling the Internet. This crawling keeps the results you get fresh. Also making ShopWiki’s format unique is that the results are not simply paid advertisements, which is what you generally get on traditional shopping websites. You get results from any website selling the product you are looking for.

The second best part about is the wiki! For those of you still confused or in the dark about a wiki, let me give you the short of it. A wiki is Internet content that can be edited online by any user. This literally allows the world to contribute to a single piece of content online. When it comes to buying products and services, let’s face it, there is nothing more valuable then reviews and information from those who have already purchased the product and from those who are experts. Each product on ShopWiki provides a detailed description of the product. This is really helpful when comparing products like the Playstation 3 to the Nintendo Wii to the Xbox 360. Did you know Playstation 3 has a built-in Blue Ray player, the Xbox 360 an HD-DVD player and the Wii offers no DVD playback? Given I purchased both a Blue Ray player and Wii, I could have saved quite a bit of money by just purchasing the Playstation 3.

You definitely want to add to your list of hot new sites to give a try. There is no cost associated with the site and it is not cluttered with annoying pop-up ads. All the information you need is for your online shopping needs is at your fingertips

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Anonymous said...

The opportunity to develop a better set of values is the silver lining to this economic crisis. I too did not buy much of anything during the holiday. If you're like me, you're not buying anything these days except what you really need. I feel more secure knowing that I can get along with less. I think the more I acclimate myself to the notions of scarcity and sacrifice now, the better off I'll be in the future.