Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Danger of Socialism

A socialistic government is one that seeks to level the playing field for all of its citizens through legislation. This type of government seeks to eliminate poverty and social classes. A socialist government seeks to create a literal utopia in the land it governs.

In order to accomplish this, a government must have the resources. This means money. This means taxes. If a government is to eliminate poverty, then it must either create better paying jobs for the unemployed and/or poor, or simply hand-out the life style they wish to promote. If a socialist government wishes to provide health care for its entire people, then they must provide the financial sources to do so for those who can not afford it. How do they do this? By taxing success. The more you make, the more your taxes skyrocket. This puts a virtual cap on wealth. So the message in France, the harder you work, the less you get. The less you work, the more you get. I’m sorry I don’t have a more poetic way of describing this, but that’s just stupid and France’s unemployment rate and stagnate economy proves it.

It would be hard to find anyone who would disagree (except for Islamic fascists who wish death to everyone but themselves) with the utopian goals of socialism; the elimination of poverty, high standard of living for all, health care for all, etc. However, as with most fantasy notions like eternal youth, world peace, and fairies, a utopian society only exist in make believe worlds like Never-Never Land. I like Never-Never Land, don’t you?

France, a bastion of socialism, by law, restricts an employee’s work week to 35 hours. Understand this is a federal mandate, not a negotiated deal with a union or a really super nice care bear of a company. The thinking is that it improves the quality of life for all of their citizens. Wrong! The result of this is a lack of productivity. Work that needs to get done doesn’t. Companies struggle to compete with the output of far more productive countries like the United States. Additionally, France is not the country you want to rely on to lead the world in new breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology, industry, etc. The mandated work week creates a malaise in the economy.

France, unbelievably, also has put in place rigorous guidelines on firing practices within private organizations. Notice the emphasis on private. For example, if you are a new employee under twenty-six, your job is essentially guaranteed by the government because your employer cannot fire you, even for gross incompetence. Again, this is to create a better life for a young generation trying oh so hard to get ahead. The result of this is obviously, incompetence in the workplace, but more, high unemployment rates, particularly among younger workers. Why would anyone want to hire an employee they can’t control because of government regulations? So, this Utopian idea of France’s is counterproductive to intent. Once more, when the government in 2006 tried to relax the asinine regulation of young employees, the kids went out and protested.

Recently, recognizing the stupidity of the firing regulations, France attempted to relax these regulations. The resulting protests by the children of France really illustrate the fundamental failure of socialism. Socialism produces citizens that feel they are owed something by their government without having to put into it. Here we have kids with no employment and have contributed nothing to their country, yet they believe they are owed a secure, well-paying job by their government, and their government agrees! You can just imagine these kids working their butts-off in the factory for their country in appreciation can’t you (sarcasm intended).

In addition to the two socialistic policies described, France also provides several weeks of government paid vacation as well as a year of paid maternity leave for each child. All of this, remember, comes from government revenues. The end result for France; Economic stagnation. This is not conjecture, but fact. France, somewhat recognizing the utter failure of their utopian society, recently voted Nicolas Sarkozy who ran on a platform of change in economic policies. France still rejects capitalism, the system that has brought the US to be the world leader in just about everything in the shortest period of time. America, the land of the free, where people from all over the world come for their medical care, jobs, and where millions of immigrants risk their lives to seek a better life.

Have no doubt America; the left in this country seeks to move this country to socialism. They are well funded and smart in their tactics. They seek to achieve one socialist policy at a time, often using the courts to enact what they can’t pass in the legislature; the Constitution be damned. Be on the lookout for policies that elevates the government as a solution to anything. Right now, President Obama seeks over one trillion dollars in government spending to solve our economic crisis. My friends, creating government jobs to solve an economic crisis is socialism. To pay for these jobs require taxpayer dollars, that’s your money people! President Obama ran on a platform of universal healthcare. This is socialism and already a proven failure in France. Obama’s tax cuts are anything but. A tax cut implies that a person pays taxes in which they could receive a cut and pay less. However, if you pay attention, you will notice these tax cuts go to people who do not pay any taxes to begin with. This makes Obama’s tax cuts welfare checks. Yes, socialism cheaply disguised to fool the uninformed and ignorant. It boggles the mind why anyone in this country would want to move away from a Constitution that has brought us unprecedented prosperity. The founding concept of the pursuit of happiness is unarguably capitalistic, not socialistic. Pay attention, be informed, and get involved. Keep this country alive and well. Too bad we can’t once again liberate France; this time from themselves.

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