Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris- Disgraceful Behavior

Roland Burris, disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich’s pick to fill Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat is going to be hard to stop. Democrats have vowed not to seat him, but they have an uphill fight given the appointment is legal, albeit pathetic. Blago has the right as governor to fill Obama’s vacant seat and he exercised that right. Although Harry Reid denied Burris a seat today, he and his fellow democrats will eventually falter and allow him in.

It makes no difference that Roland Burris appears to have a clean record and there is no reason to believe he accepted anything from Blago for the appointment. The question that you need to be asking yourself is…what honorable man or woman would accept this appointment from a disgraced governor? You know the answer. Roland Burris, by accepting Blago’s nod has disgraced himself in the process. I’m sorry, but any man willing to accept the appointment from Blago is a desperate individual.

If any of these two men had an ounce of dignity or respect for their state and country remaining, here is how they would have behaved and still gotten their wishes. Blago holds a press conference and informs Illinois that although he disagrees with the charges against him, he recognizes the taint this would put on any senate appointment. He would then declare the creation of a commission comprised of democratic Illinois congressmen and women to put forth a recommendation for the vacant senate. Blago would then agree to appoint this recommendation. Thus, Blago can continue to fight in his defense, but respect the situation Illinois has been put in, justly or not. If Burris, then, was truly a wise choice and the best choice, then the commission would recommend him and he would fill the vacant seat with honor, not disgrace. But Blago is a selfish man and Burris knows this is his only route to power. So, Blago whines about his gubernatorial rights and he and Burris play the race card. By the way, how despicable is it for Burris and Blago to play the race card? I hope those with influence stand up against the ignorance of appointing a senator based on race alone, particularly when the nation will be run by a black president and the appointee is coming from Blago. This behavior, I believe, is what truly does damage to legitimate concerns of racial discrimination; it gets lost in the ridiculous political ones that run far and wide, and look which side of the isle it is coming from?

Despite all this, the true power remains with you, the voters. Not just the voters in Illinois, but the country. Democrats have decried Cheney, Bush, Delay, etc., of ethics violations or worse. Democrats cry for reform. Before Obama has even taken office, there are scandals involving Blago (selling a senate seat), Clinton (campaign donors), Rahm (knowledge of Blago), Richardson (just like Blago’s problems), and Obama (AACORN, Bill Ayers ) himself, among others. Keep in mind here that the press is not going report this information. Bill Richardson has withdrawn himself from consideration for Commerce Secretary. This is all the mainstream press reports. This is a huge story not being reported. Because of this sad bias, you, the people, must be responsible for staying informed. This means getting information from more than one liberal source. Watch the Fox News channel or visit their website. Listen to or read Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh among others. Then go read the mainstream press. Finally, use your brain to analyze and evaluate what you learn. If you’re honest with yourself, you will be shocked. I am not talking about changing your liberal fantasy-based ideas. I am talking about fairly evaluating the facts and truly understanding what is going on around you. Then vote intelligently and not down a party line. I am truly curious to see how liberals vote next go around when Burris comes up for election and Blago as well. How about Franken? Will liberals hold them accountable for their behavior, or excuse it?


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to tell you you're too idealistic but it's important to maintain high standards. Otherwise, there's no hope of something better. But lately I just feel overwhelmed by blatant social injustice. The latest: the management in the city where I live just decided to grant amnesty to several city workers who stole all kinds of equipment- chain saws, leaf blowers etc.- from their place of employment. Not only will they not be investigated and prosecuted, they all get to keep their jobs! Meanwhile, some poor vagrant type is likely to do some jail time for stealing a candy bar from a conveniance store. There are a few messages here. The one, more obvious, is that the higher social status defines the behavior. The lower the status the more likely the behavior will be perceived as relevant to character defect. This is an illusion maintained by some at the expense of others. The other message is- and let me know if it's just me- that it's okay to steal, as long as it's from the taxpayers because the people in power, elected and otherwise, are have given their blessing- and counting.

Bryan said...

Not idealistic, realistic. Nothing can be done about Burris, Blagojevich, and Franken. What we can do, as a people, is make sure they do lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

There are so many people who should lose their jobs, where to start?

This is really good blog. Hope you get a lot of hits.

Bryan said...

Thank you.