Sunday, November 30, 2008

The War On Christmas Begins

It is officially time for the War on Christmas to begin. Schools will be forbidden to display anything in their buildings that highlight Christmas, Christmas Break has been renamed Winter Break, Santa Clause if off limits, and numerous guest speakers and displays of Ramadan, Kwanza, etc., will be presented to ensure students learn tolerance. Nativity displays from public parks, state buildings, etc will be removed and holiday phrases such as “Merry Christmas,” “God Bless You All,” “The Savoir is Born,” etc. will be removed and replaced my the more tolerant, “Happy Holidays,” and “Winter Blessings.”

In 2006, a passing Rabbi in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport decided that a display of Christmas trees was not tolerant of his religion. He therefore insisted an electric menorah also be added. He filed suit. The airport removed the trees. Christmas was over at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

In retaliation, a Colorado-Springs Christian political action group is producing a campaign to boycott retailers who use secular phrases such as “Happy Holidays.” Although I can’t disagree with the strategy, I don’t fully support it either. I am a big believer that business does what is best for business. In other words, if Old Navy chooses to use the phrase “Happy Holidays,” or “Merry Christmas,” then their bean counters are telling them so because of YOU! In short, markets respond to the demands of the people.

Putting the end to the War on Christmas, or at least taking the high ground, involves the people, and it begins and ends in our legislature and courts. Liberals are all for “tolerance.” However, this means that everything is OK so long as it isn’t Christian or has anything to with Christmas. When law suits are filed by various religious sects and liberal organizations such as, and the ACLU, displays of Christmas are quickly removed. Why? Because the cost of going to court simply isn’t worth it. In addition, they will probably lose!

Want your Christmas back? Look around the neighborhood. I can’t help but notice the number of displays decrease every year. Heck, buy a snowman for $10 at WalMart in the “Holiday Section,” and put him on your porch; do something! Say “Merry Christmas” to your co-workers instead of secular phrases. It’s OK; you’re allowed (1st Amendment). Do try to shop at stores that openly celebrate the “Christmas” season. This can help change marketing. But above of all, think about the people you are voting into office. Not that the secularization of Christmas should be the number one priority, but it will fit nicely into an overall evaluation of their character. For starters, stop voting in liberals!

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Kelly Johnson said...

Being a teacher, it drives me crazy that we have to "watch our tongues" around religious holidays and are not allowed to express our beliefs in our classrooms. The first amendment gives us a right to freedom of expression, however, now that means "freedom of expression if we don't offend other people." Additionally, don't most religions teach "tolerance?" If so, how come people are not tolerant of the Christian religion? Could it be that they are fearful of the religion because it's the one, true religion? Or could it just be that people need something to complain about?