Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Problem with Liberals Is...

The problem with liberals is that, I’m sorry, but they’re stupid. Now, I am not just name-calling here. Refer to the following list of evidence:

  1. The most incompetent employees where I work are all liberals.
  2. The most incompetent employees where you work are all liberals.
  3. The dumbest celebrities you can find are all liberals. Congratulations, Paris Hilton agrees with you!
  4. The laziest people in this country are all liberals.
  5. Washington D.C., the crack and crime capitol of the world, votes over 96% liberal.
  6. Tree huggers are liberals.
  7. Jimmy Carter is a liberal.
  8. College students, who have no responsibilities in life, are overwhelmingly liberal.
  9. Terrorists endorse liberals.

Now, republicans have their list of retards. The difference is that republicans quickly condemn them and support sending them to retard camp. And, the list is short. As evidence of the general stupidity of liberals, most recently, Obama supporters, I refer you to the following YouTube video. Please view the actual Zogby results as scientific evidence at Thanks to John Ziegler for his ongoing work.


Claire said...

Hey, I found your blog on bloggerforum.
Yeah, I see where your reasoning behind this is, but I still think you're being a little too harsh on liberals. I'm conservative too, but they're not all stupid like you're making them sound. I know plenty of very intelligent liberals too, and although I can't agree with them I can't automatically categorize people as stupid because they are liberal.

Bryan Johnson said...

I would agree with you. But I maintain that there is something wrong, nonetheless. I have to believe that intellectual liberals such as Bill Clinton, Hillary, and Obama are in it for the power. They see people they can manipulate and go for it. History has shown liberal ideas to be failures over and over again. This is my struggle; I can’t figure it all out.

Jason said...

Tell us how you really feel.