Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama and the Economic Crisis

It is time to dispel the myth that Barack Obama is inheriting an economic crisis. Inheriting implies that one receives something that was previously not theirs from another. Barrack Obama is as much to blame for the economic crisis and two wars as Bush. Bush did not decide to create an economic crisis, democrats did. Beginning in the Clinton years, democrats asserted their influence on creditors to hand out ill-advised sub-prime loans. This should not be surprising; democrats are all about giving the poor hand-outs they have not earned with no care for the aftereffects to those they are taking away from (you and me). Rush Limbaugh lays this out eloquently, as always, in the video below.

But….this is not my main point. I am going nuts over the media premise that Obama is inheriting this potential recession. No he is not. He is a democrat who supported the institution of the same policies that led to this crisis. Bush and the Republicans attempted to reform sub-prime mortgages, foreseeing the danger. Democrats blocked every attempt with fervor.
The media is fond of giving Bill Clinton the credit for a boom in the economy during the 90s, giving no credit to the source, Ronald Reagan. Now they are propping Obama up to be the savior of the economy. In the media, he will not fail.

Allow me to educate you on the history of the ignorance of the American public in understanding cause and effect. For those of you who are already confused, cause is why something happens; effect is the result(s). John Adams, as the nation’s second President, resisted vehemently the call to war against France, as the French all but declared war by acting as pirates on the high seas. After the XYZ affair, the media had the United States in an uproar. Adams, understanding that the United States would not be able to survive a war, resisted popular opinion. Again, there was a major push in the media, driving public opinion. The people, as many are today, were far too ignorant to see their own manipulation. Who was behind this media push? Thomas Jefferson. Yes, Thomas Jefferson was the first American politician to recognize and use the power of the media to promote an agenda. He was successful; John Adams lost the 1800 election to him by a significant margin. However, Adams’ last envoy to France in 1799, which was abhorred by the media and Thomas Jefferson, resulted in peace between the two countries, saving the newborn United States from disaster. However, news of this success came after the ballots were cast. Many historians believe news of this success would have won Adams his second term.

And now, we arrive at the main connection and point. Thomas Jefferson ‘inherited” a peaceful United States. Consequently, America thrived and Jefferson received the credit. Even today, Jefferson receives much attention as one of the greatest of the founding fathers and Presidents, but few know he owes much of this to Adams.

Now, Obama is looking to withdrawal his original rants about letting the Bush tax cuts for Americans expire in 2009, opting to try again in 2012. Why, because the tax cuts are good for America. Does Bush get credit? No! The media continues to call it tax cuts for the rich and praise Obama and his dream team for fixing the economy before he is even the official president-elect. I implore all American to study history and learn what principles truly make this country great. Be on your guard for the ones that could very well destroy this great country, as a war with France in 1800 surly would have brought about.

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