Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama Skips Church...Again

Why should Americans care that Barack Obama has not attended church since he was elected? It is because it serves as one of the many red flags that Obama is not who he claims to be. He attends the Chicago based church of Reverend Wright for twenty years, swears he can never disavow the man, then turns around and does it anyway when the political fallout increased. To be fair, Obama was not a regular at church on the campaign trail either, except in South Carolina and other states that puts God front and center (Politico). I don’t particularly care whether Obama sits in church every Sunday, opting for a nice sweat; I already know his thoughts on God. What I care about is that all those so-called moderates and independents out there are watching close. He made a lot of promises and guaranteed change. Let me be among the first to predict that when he fails, he will blame it on the, “Failed policies of the last eight years.”

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