Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take A Healthy Step Back

Thinking about what to blog about this week proved more difficult than usual. I don’t think I have ever been hit with such insanity from the political world , all at one time. This past week, The country has had to deal with the disgraceful Roland Burris, record government spending, auto bailouts, banking bailout, and now a bailout for Americans who have been unable to meet their obligations. Now, on top of all this, Obama wants to cut the deficit in half by raising taxes on those making over $250,000 (that’s the number today). Or as Obama calls Middle America, “The Rich.” So, in these hard economic times, after passing a farce of a stimulus plan that provides no help for the companies that drive our economy, Obama proposes we raise taxes on these same people. Rather than explain the ignorance of the events and Obama’s policies in his short run in the Presidency, I have decided to take a healthy step back.

A couple weeks ago in church, the pastor ended a sermon on the elements of relationships with a clip from Glenn Beck’s show, where he discusses the story of Irena Sendler.

Before you mimic the collective gasp that was heard in an otherwise silent sanctuary, remember, Rush Limbaugh was also defeated. In fact, I imagine none of us ever heard of Irena Sendler, and that should speak to us all.

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