Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roland Burris Insults Your Intelligence

In my January 6, 2009 post, I discussed how both Roland Burris and then Illinois governor Blagojevich had disgraced themselves, Illinois, and the country. I described how any man or woman who would be willing to accept an appointment to the U.S. Senate from a man such as Blagojevich to be lacking character and honor.

It really is not that difficult to gauge the character of a man. People are defined by their actions. If Roland Burris had any honor or integrity, than he would have waited for an opportunity to be appointed by Blagojevich’s successor, given his, at the time, obvious upcoming impeachment. Instead, he accepted an appointment by a disgraced and shameless governor, and in addition, played the race card.

Now, Burris, knowing that it would eventually become public knowledge, “amended” his testimony to the Illinois legislature, now claiming he had spoken to Blagojevich’s brother three times. Allegedly, Blagojevich’s brother, on behalf of his campaign, tried to solicit 10,000 to Blagojevich’s campaign fund.

Burris’ strategy is simple. He wanted to become a senator, but knew he lacked the credentials and would not even be on the short list. Heck, he wasn’t even Blagojevich’s first pick to sell Obama’s vacant senate seat. Willing to sell what ever dignity he possessed for the job, he allowed himself to be used in Blagojevich’s crusade to embarrass himself by shunning Illinois and accepting the appointment by Blagojevich. Knowing that public knowledge of Blagojevich’s attempts to sell the position to him would eventually become public, he lied in front of the Illinois legislature, planning to simply “amend” his testimony claiming every politician’s favorite defense of, “I didn’t recall at the time.”

Burris’ defense that he did not recall simply insults the intelligence of every thinking man and woman. However, I doubt there won’t even be an investigation, despite those inevitable cries from Republicans. Democrats, although promising to clean up corruption, have done nothing but bring more of it to Washington.

Now, I am very critical of accusing anyone of lying without actual evidence, even politicians. Liberals love to hate Bush, claiming he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Of course, they can cite no actual evidence of any sort to back up this claim; they simply claim it. This is particularly disgusting given democrats received the same intelligence as Bush who supported his claim that Iraq had stock piles of weapons. But liberals and their wiling accomplishes in the press are not interested, and you know what, that’s alright. You see, I believe in karma, and the American people will learn another hard lesson about democratic policies.

This brings me to my point in this post, which is a recurring one. The founders’ feared creating a new government that had too much power. Remember, the first American Patriots risked and sacrificed everything to fight free of the tyranny of King George, III. The first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, failed because the nation’s government was too weak, having almost no power over the states to enforce any taxation or dictate national policy. Understanding that a stronger national government was needed, but knowing that they must not create another king, the founders’ agreed to our current United States Constitution. This Constitution clearly places true power with the people who fought to secure their rights and freedom from an interfering government. This is the foundation of republican principles today; that the people should be free to pursue their own happiness and that government’s role is to protect these natural rights, never to interfere, even with the best of intentions. To this end, I implore my fellow American citizens to start paying real attention to what is going on. People of Illinois, Burris should enter the chamber of the senate each knowing his days are numbered. He should know the voters of Illinois will not accept his actions and will not be duped in his quest for power. I want to go on record that we are just beginning to learn of the corruption of Roland Burris. This is going to be saddening to watch as more about this man’s actions become public. Demand better.

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